Trauma Survivor's Guide to Coping With Panic Attacks by Nicole Dake


Trauma Survivor’s Guide to Coping With Panic Attacks

Nicole Dake

5 Stars

Pages: 60

Published: 01 Oct 2021

Publisher: MillenialMom

Publisher’s Blurb

PTSD controlled my life - no more. I once was a survivor, now I'm a warrior.

Panic attacks that result from PTSD and cPTSD can be debilitating. Research unfortunately falls short, telling those suffering from panic attacks to just "wait for them to be over." Over the years I have learned to cope, first preparing for panic attacks, and then calming down during a panic attack. I am sharing these coping skills with others who have PTSD, so they can go from being survivors to warriors too.


A lesson in how to take a complex medical condition, that causes so much discomfort and stress to its sufferers, and distill it down to a very readable discussion on the best ways to cope.

Nicole Dake has used her experience with her own cPTSD and written a no nonsense guide to minimising the frequency and effect of panic attacks by removing the complicated medical jargon and just concentrating on exactly what to do in advance of, during and after an attack.

Whilst this is aimed at Panic Attacks it can also be used as a handy guide to reducing stress in everyday situations for those of us lucky to have escaped the kind of trauma which leads to PTSD and its related conditions.

The author provides a cornucopia of links to additional resources, a bibliography of books and websites plus templates for developing you own coping script and ‘request for help’ card

This is well written, easy to follow and should offer a fair amount of comfort to those living with panic attacks

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Nicole Dake is a blogger, author and mom of three, living in Broomfield, CO. Nicole graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with a BA in Psychology in 2008. Nicole writes about health and wellness for moms and kids, with a focus on whole person wellness. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, yoga and playing Magic the Gathering.


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