Dead Air - Michael Bradley (Audiobook)


Rating 4 Stars

Publisher's Description


An interesting murder mystery told from both points of view of the pursued and the pursuer. A nice mix of characters and suspects that keep the reader guessing for the first half of the book and then ramps up the action and tension for the remainder which rises to a terrifying climax at the Shallows

I found the added narration from the perpetrator gave the book an interesting twist and this provided extra clues for those of us that love to work out who the killer is before the grand reveal.

Although this is set in the world of radio broadcasting there is very little of the plot that is involved with the radio station or the process of broadcasting itself - rather it is the characters outside of the station that take centre stage.

I feel that the added sub-plot of the GBT Killer was superflous to the main story and could've been removed without any detriment to the main story.

Audio narration was good and easy to listen to so overall i'm happy to give this a 4 star rating


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